Just one more sleep until the start of Mission: Find a Cure. To say I am excited is an understatement. Months and months of planning have now ended and it’s time to get going. Thank you to everyone who has signed up to do 1 or many challenges with Malaika and me, thank you to everyone for your messages of support and love. There is still time to sign up, or register interest. http://ift.tt/2gInRkB ♡♡♡♡♡♡

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January announcement for Mini Mission Find a Cure. Malaika will be walking 271000 steps in January, this is half of the steps Bethan will be walking. Bethan will be walking 542000 step Over half a million steps, with every step made representing one o the 542000 children in the world living with type one diabetes. Every step we take will be taken with love for the children fighting an invisible battle every day. I hope that you will continue to follow our journey as we try to find a cure for Type One together. If you would like to take part with us, please sign up at http://ift.tt/2gOlc93 to challenge yourself to walk or run at least 1km in January. Alternatively, you can make a donation to JDRF to help with their groundbreaking research by clicking here http://ift.tt/2fI3RSY Together we are #MightierThanTypeOne and our #MissionFindaCure

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So, Miss Malaika has been by my side throughout the entire process of this coming year, she asked the other day of she could do some challenges. I said..why not?! So, Malaika will be doing ‘Mini Mission Find A Cure’ Here she is modelling her new Garmin (borrowed from Mummy) Malaika will be completing 12 monthly challenges by my side. Related to mine, but on a smaller scale. If you have joined one of our challenges, it’s a great opportunity to get your kids out and about being active with you! http://ift.tt/2gInRkB

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The faces of Type One

Why is a cure so necessary?

Diabetics can cure themselves easily with diet can’t they?
My Uncle started walking every day, lost some weight and his diabetes went away, can’t yours?
Our diabetes is completely different.
Our diabetes is nothing to do with lifestyle, 
our diabetes can’t be cured by eating cinnamon, 
our diabetes is not our fault.
Every day, every person in this video fights for their life, 
they may do it silently, 
you may not know how hard they fight, 
but they do.
Lets find a cure.
Sign up for a challenge www,http://ift.tt/2hMxAbs